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Fresh Start for an Intranet

It isn't every day that we have an opportunity to start with a clean slate and build something new — from the ground up — leveraging everything that we've learned from past mistakes (and successes). A few years ago we were lucky enough to have exactly this opportunity. These articles describe a few of the key principles we used:

  • Store as much as possible in databases, to make it as easy as possible to manage and search the contents of the intranet.
  • Loading pages directly from databases takes too long, no matter how fast or efficient the database. We devised a hybrid process so pages are database-driven and constantly refreshed — but still static HTML for maximum speed.
  • Everyone's needs are different, so we continue to develop ways for people to customize their experience with the intranet.
  • Create as many ways as possible to manage permissions while keeping security transparent to the user.
  • In the spirit of data-driven decision-making, use data to organize the content and make navigation as user-friendly as possible.

Custom Applications
ADT Event Alerts
Clinical Operations

Integrated Clerkship

On-call Schedules
People Profiles
Chronic Disease

Security Badge Requests
Charge Capture
Mental Health Treatment
      Plan Tracking

Earned Time Calculator

Supervisory Tree
E-mail Distribution Lists
User Access Requests
HR Requests
Employee Health &

Interpreter Dispatching
Generic Patient Registry
Conference Room

Tuition Reimbursement
Equipment Rental
Code Cart Tracking
Nursing Audits

Show me the data
Growing a Data

Building a Data Portal
Reporting on Full Auto

Intranet Design
Driving With Databases
Speeding with Static

Transparent Security
      and Permissions

Redesigning the

Who works here?
Organizational buckets
System access: Who
      has what?

System access: Use
      it or lose it

Integrating Security

Integrating Provider

Creating A Supervisory

Data Quality Dashboard


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