Automating Healthcare
Solving business problems with savvy automation


It isn't sexy. It isn't visible outside IT. But it's absolutely essential. What is it? I call it "foundations."

Before setting finger to keyboard to work on any application or report, we need solid data about the organization:

  • Who works there?
  • Where do they work?
  • What do they do?
  • Who do they work for?
  • What systems do they use?

Without solid foundations, we'll forever be "chasing our tail." These articles explain how we built our foundations.


Custom Applications
ADT Event Alerts
Clinical Operations

Integrated Clerkship

On-call Schedules
People Profiles
Chronic Disease

Security Badge Requests
Charge Capture
Mental Health Treatment
      Plan Tracking

Earned Time Calculator

Supervisory Tree
E-mail Distribution Lists
User Access Requests
HR Requests
Employee Health &

Interpreter Dispatching
Generic Patient Registry
Conference Room

Tuition Reimbursement
Equipment Rental
Code Cart Tracking
Nursing Audits

Show me the data
Growing a Data

Building a Data Portal
Reporting on Full Auto

Intranet Design
Driving With Databases
Speeding with Static

Transparent Security
      and Permissions

Redesigning the

Who works here?
Organizational buckets
System access: Who
      has what?

System access: Use
      it or lose it

Integrating Security

Integrating Provider

Creating A Supervisory

Data Quality Dashboard


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