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Earned Time Calculator

Business problem
Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly when you will accrue another week of vacation? If you take a couple Fridays off to make long weekends, will you still have enough time available for the family vacation? If your employer offers the option of "cashing out" some vacation time, how much can you take without interfering with year-end holiday plans? We thought it would be great to offer a tool to help employees plan the use of their vacation time.

Getting there
The earned time calculator is offered in two places on the intranet: from the employee's timesheet and from the employee's profile in People Profiles. In Timesheet, the button called "View benefit hours" opens the calculator (shown below).

In People Profiles, the calculator is available from a link in the Benefit Balances window (shown below).

How it works
The calculator is pretty easy to use. For example (see image below):

  • I can carry over a maximum of 120 hours of earned time (a combination of vacation, holiday and sick time) from one year to the next.
  • I accrue 11.07 hours of earned time in each biweekly payroll.
  • I have about 90 hours of earned time available as of the most recent payroll.
  • To model the use of earned time through the next twelve months, simply input a number of hours in any payroll period(s) and click the Calculate button. The screen instantly displays updated earned time balances for each payroll throughout the year.


  • The adoption rate for this application was startling. We released it to production one afternoon without any announcement, thinking no one would notice it for a while. Within a half hour, an employee called to say it was the coolest thing ever, and others quickly discovered the tool and raved about it.
  • While this isn't the sort of tool that has a dramatic ROI, it is an added benefit of working at this organization, and presumably improves employee satisfaction.

Lessons learned

  • If you build it and they want it, they will come.

Posted 17 June 2008


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