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About Automating Healthcare

Automating Healthcare shares the experiences of one small team of developers, database administrators and analysts at a Boston-area health care organization, as they help the business improve quality, cost and overall efficiency by automating processes.

The author
Steve Carter () has worked in a management role at various health care organizations in the Boston, Massachusetts area for over 30 years. Most of his experience is in operations, with an increasing focus on using technology to improve operations. Most recently, he officially moved to the information technology department. He has managed a wide range of functions, including:

  • Community hospital — safety, campus police, transportation, telecommunications, biomedical, workers compensation
  • Large ambulatory group — operations analysis & reporting, patient satisfaction surveys, internal benchmarking, health center operations, intranet/Internet, desktop computer support, provider enrollment, purchasing
  • Integrated delivery system — intranet/Internet, operations analysis & reporting

The team
Everyone in the group has worked together on this project pretty much from the beginning. Even before this project, Joe, Peggy and Janet have been colleagues for much of their careers. The group currently includes:

Joe's applications
ADT Event Alerts
Clinical Operations Dashboard
Integrated Clerkship Registry
People Profiles
Chronic Disease Registries
Charge Capture
User Access Database
Earned Time Calculator
Generic patient registry
• IT Requests
Supervisory Assignments
• Department Manager Listings
• Resident Conference
    Attendance Tracking
• Telephone Consultation
• Translation Requests
• AppAuth Table Maintenance
• Clinical Privileges
• Department List Maintenance
• Disclosure Accounting
• Document Library
• Phone Assignment

Peggy's applications
Mental Health Treatment Plan
• Event Calendar
Supervisory Tree
E-mail Distribution Groups
Equipment Rental Tracking
• BASIS-24 Survey
• Moderate Sedation Test
• [Our] Emergency
• Conflict of Interest
• Backbone Table Maintenance
• Backbone: Review Expired
• Clinical Guidelines
• Manager's Guide

Janet's applications
On-call Schedules
Security Badge Requests
Non-Employee Management
Interpreter Dispatching
• Customer Service Portal
HR Requests
Employee Health & Safety Tracking
Tuition Reimbursements
Nursing Audit Tool
• Clinical Training Applications
• CME Reimbursements
• Clinic Drug Ordering
• Maintenance Requests
• Nursing Student Registration

  • Joesenior Internet applications developer with nearly 25 years experience in both enterprise and dot-com environments. Joe has developed intranet applications supporting a wide variety of functions, but his primary focus for the past 2-3 years has been applications directly supporting patient care.
  • Peggy — senior Internet applications developer with over 25 years experience in enterprise environments. Peggy has developed a number of applications for the intranet, although her primary role is the care and feeding of the intranet. She is the primary gatekeeper for structure, organization, style, and content management.
  • Janet — senior Internet applications developer with nearly 25 years experience in enterprise environments. Janet has developed intranet applications supporting a wide variety of functions. Much of her work revolves around worker issues, including HR requests, non-employee management, security badges requests, etc.
  • Bill — database administrator with 12 years experience working for a vendor and at hospitals as a programmer, report writer, systems analyst, and most recently DBA with enterprise-wide responsibility for SQL Server.
  • Astrid — manager of business analytics for the past six years, in a very interesting hybrid model where she directs analysts in both IT and QM. The combined team of IT and QM analysts are physically located together in IT, and Astrid reports directly to Steve in IT with a dotted line to the VP Quality. Astrid also provides enterprise-wide, informal leadership for all analysts, to ensure best practices are used by analysts in all departments.

Custom Applications
ADT Event Alerts
Clinical Operations

Integrated Clerkship

On-call Schedules
People Profiles
Chronic Disease

Security Badge Requests
Charge Capture
Mental Health Treatment
      Plan Tracking

Earned Time Calculator

Supervisory Tree
E-mail Distribution Lists
User Access Requests
HR Requests
Employee Health &

Interpreter Dispatching
Generic Patient Registry
Conference Room

Tuition Reimbursement
Equipment Rental
Code Cart Tracking
Nursing Audits

Show me the data
Growing a Data

Building a Data Portal
Reporting on Full Auto

Intranet Design
Driving With Databases
Speeding with Static

Transparent Security
      and Permissions

Redesigning the

Who works here?
Organizational buckets
System access: Who
      has what?

System access: Use
      it or lose it

Integrating Security

Integrating Provider

Creating A Supervisory

Data Quality Dashboard


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